Orientations to ……….

Orientation to ……(new location) is unique in the marketplace. It is a comprehensive and diverse programme providing up to date, practical information and contacts to facilitate the settling-in process. Topics include:

  • Country background: history, geography, demographics, politics
  • Rights and liabilities of expatriates
  • Medical information: Doctors, hospitals & clinics, emergency procedures, pharmacies
  • Banking: local practices, opening accounts
  • Food: social etiquette, restaurants and cuisines
  • Telecommunications: residential services, application and deposit information, mobile set-up
  • Transportation: car leasing or purchasing, liabilities, road accident procedures, public transport, driving
  • Domestic workers: wages, legalities, liabilities, hiring guidelines
  • Ethnic communities, cultures and religion
  • Festivals and holidays

Resource materials include: Orientations’ well-known “A-Z Guide”: a copyrighted publication containing over 200 pages of information and non-paid referrals.

Take it step by step

Starting a new life in a new country can be daunting, at first, so much to do, so much to see, so much to organise…
Take a breath, our consultants are highly trained and experienced and have seen it all before, they will be on hand to help you work through the following steps:

Home Search

After assessing the assignee’s domestic requirements, our accompanied HomeSearch service is delivered by an Orientations consultant along with a real estate agent. A panel of licensed and registered realtors has been selected to secure the best properties available within budget guidelines. The consultant manages the relationship between the realtor and the employee whilst ensuring an independent and objective point of view. Upon selecting a property, assistance is also provided with:

  • Assessment of location, value, and condition of property
  • Negotiation of terms
  • Preparation of letter of intent
  • Preparation and presentation of tenancy agreement (Lease)
  • Telephone and utility service installation
  • Move-In Inspection / Report


Malaysia has many excellent educational establishments offering a range of national curricula for children of all ages and all abilities.  One of the most well respected of these is the International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL).    Nonetheless, finding the right School, College or University is often one of the main concerns of a family in transition. Orientations will ease much of the pressure by introducing the assignee and their children to appropriate schools in their new location. The principal activities in our SchoolSearch programme include:

  • Introduction to the educational resources available locally
  • Review of education requirements of family
  • Identification of short list of Schools, Colleges or Universities
  • Tour of selected educational establishments
  • Help with registration
  • Follow up with admissions & assessment

Driving in Malaysia

In some countries, foreign residents are required to pass a written exam in order to convert their home country driving licenses to valid in-country licenses (where recommended). In other countries it is not recommended for foreigners to drive, and common practice is to hire a car and driver. Our ‘Driving in Malaysia’ program provides our clients with a better understanding of local requirements and helps them to drive safely in Malaysia. Available options include:

  • Process and procedures for license conversion
  • Driving theory test preparation and road familiarisation
  • Defensive Driving
  • Car types and costs
  • Vetting and implementation of lease agreements
  • Finding the right driver, interviews and recommendations.

Managing Cultural Differences

Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-cultural country. Successful integration is dependent upon understanding the country, her people and the cultural dynamics that drive them. This programme addresses these issues while highlighting the practical living skills in Malaysia. Topics of this briefing include :

  • Cross Cultural Etiquette and Protocol:
  • The Dos and Don’ts for getting things done
  • Habits and manners of the various ethnic groups of Malaysia including religion, festivals etc.
  • Special occasions and how to mark them
  • Dining etiquette and gift giving
  • Malaysia’s history, geography, demographics and politics
  • Ethnic communities, holidays, cultures and religion
  • Business and social protocol
  • Staying Safe in Malaysia
  • Medical information : Medical practitioners, accident and emergency procedures, hospital facilities, pharmacy practices
  • Banking, opening accounts, credit cards
  • Transportation : Private auto purchases, auto leasing, road accident procedures, taxis and LRT
  • Eating & Drinking : from hawker food to restaurants; health issues and social etiquette
  • Emergency phone numbers to note

Cross Cultural Training

Orientations offers a dynamic, interactive cross-cultural training programme for expatriates who will be working in multi-cultural environments. The goal is to maximise the effectiveness of foreign managers relocating to Malaysia and to provide coaching for expatriate managers in the understanding cultural subtleties when dealing with specific issues’

While the focus & emphasis of each program will vary according to the nationalities & international experiences of the participants. The agenda typically includes:

  • Cultural dimensions
  • Culture concepts
  • Understanding the cross-cultural adjustment process
  • Identifying and overcoming common barriers to effective intercultural communication: stereotyping, pre-judging, language and non-verbal cues
  • Cross-cultural etiquette and protocol: appearance and dress, habits, mannerisms, gift giving
  • The business culture: verbal and non-verbal communication, meeting protocol, presentations, implementing change, obtaining and exchanging information, decision making, managing and leading staff
  • Fundamental Differences Between Cultures
  • Asian & Western Differences in Managing a Business
  • Cultural Extremes
  • Increasing the effectiveness of Mixed Culture Teams

Tenancy Management

Tenancy Management offers a professional yet personal approach to help your employees and staff live in a safe and stress free environment. Orientations will manage the relationship between the employee, contractors and landlord. Our tenancy management service ensures you and the employee are able to focus on what you need them to do, rather than, for example, wasting time finding a plumber or electrician. Our assistance includes:

  • Co-ordination of maintenance & repairs works
  • 24-hour help line for domestic emergencies
  • Notification of upcoming tenancy expiration dates for lease renewals

Keep Reading to learn how Orientations can help you tie up all the loose ends when it is time to leave Malaysia and return home.